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Happy New Year! Taking a moment on New Years Eve to appreciate some of the good things that happened this year, both globally and on a personal level including the successes of people I like — which is always a good thing. I’m sure I missed some things but it’s heartening that I was able to come up with this many things to be grateful for! :

1. I do not personally know any friends or loved ones that suffered from COVID-19 complications.

2. I am in relatively good health.

3. Family is in relatively good health.

4. While there…

Click here for what I read earlier this year →January and the middle of the year.

Ending this year with three cool books. I say that every time, but every book I read is a good book since I feel no obligation to finish a book if it’s not happening early — gotta hook me in first three chapters. But it rarely gets to that, because usually I’m reading very specific topics that I know will be interesting. …

A note to my 47 year old self

Dear #47,

Let’s talk fantasy and adventure. Now that’s something you never want to lose. I don’t know exactly where you are or what you are up to. You probably consider yourself “old” and think thoughts like “you can’t keep up”. At least I’m sure most of your peers do. Many of mine do already, and you’ve got 10 years on me. You’re income stabilized, housing stabilized, but on the other hand as people age, we tend to “realize” we will “never” be that millionaire. We buy into that phenomenon of people settling right from our mid-thirties. We begin to…

#Background Music

Last time I wrote about someone I consider like a best friend→ Mischievous Territorial Leo

Here in the penultimate entry, I want to appreciate someone that a few weeks ago innocently asked me, “Will I be one of the stories?”. She’s really adorable. “God, yes! You so silly.” I remember thinking…but I just smiled quietly and responded, “Who knows?”. And here we are.

This is a challenging one to write, not because I don’t have anything to say, but the opposite actually. I’ll be careful here because I don’t want to spout cliches or seem insincere.

Our first…

#Background Music: 😉

Last time I wrote about graffiti → when grey urban landscapes turn into colorful kaleidoscopes.

This entry is about an individual who is basically like, um, like my Id. Or at least I’m convinced our friendship unlocks my Id and I love it. Too much lechery and debauchery with this one to document, so consider this just a drive-by cliffnotes version.

“Nobody cares!”


Cheeky Devil. I love her. But I ‘hate’ her sometimes, because she drives me nuts. But just for 5 minutes or through a couple of tersely worded texts from yours truly….but then I…

#Mood: I’m going to miss picking music for these……

Last time I wrote about dancing → Melting Pot of Dance Styles.

Breakdance’s sibling is graffiti.

The shortest way I can describe graffiti, which has morphed from it’s original days into “street art”, is this way: Rap and beats is an auditory experience and verbal expression. B-boyin’/breakin is kinesthetic. Graffiti is visual.

One of the most enjoyable and surprisingly easy things about this #37 series has been searching for a matching artwork that visually conveys something about what I’m writing.

Like I said, urban landscapes transform into colorful kaleidoscopes. Went here on my last visit to Paris, and spent a couple of hours there, this place is called L’aerosol. Go here next time you’re there!

It’s the ‘art’ form of hip-hop, one of its original elements…

Background Music: ❤️ Smooth, chill, soothing and you can dance to it.

Last time I wrote about Liverpool FC, the futbol club with the most passionate fans in the world →You Will Never Walk Alone.

You’ll remember from the hip-hop post that the culture is not just the music (rapping + DJing i.e. mixing or creating or scratching beats). There’s four elements and dancing is one of them. At it’s base b-boying is the hip-hop dance, the original hip-hop dance.

Also I’m saying b-boying but it’s a gender neutral term, girls that breakdance are referred to as b-girls. “Break dancing”…

Background Music: “Passion”, appropriate for the most passionate fans in all of sport.

Last time I wrote about my friend, the Bachata instructor who makes me laugh alot. Read about her if you missed it → The ‘Bougie’ Terrorizer of Bartende.

So in the earlier general soccer post earlier in the countdown, I hinted that there’d be more soccer, so here we are: My beloved LFC aka Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool is my favorite team who I started watching in 1989. Red team vs blue team FA Cup Final in 1989. It was the first match I watched in full…

Background music

Last time I wrote about the thrill of an onslaught of fresh white snow → A Colorless Confetti of Crystals from the Sky

Here I write about my oldest “work” friend. Not old age, but in terms of who I’ve known at work the longest, in a ‘down for whatever’ moment. Met her outside work on the streets and we impromptu ended up at a happy hour that same evening.

Let’s call her “Bachata RD”, because she is into Bachata and other Latin dances. She now instructs Bachata, and I admire how she took a hobby and developed…


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